NJ Dumpster Rental Types and Sizes

NJ Dumpster Types & Sizes


Example of a large roll off dumpster for construction or residential use

Example of a large roll off dumpster for construction or residential use

These are typical dumpster types and sizes. Note that they could vary by the manufacturer. Dumpster capacity is stated in cubic yards, and this is figured by taking the length times the width times the height (or depth). However, the measurements of these containers is usually stated in feet. When you call to order your dumpster, you will be able to learn the dimensions and the capacity.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes for Construction Sites

Do you need a very large dumpster for a big project with a lot of waste? If so, you probably will end up with a type of unit called a roll-off dumpster. They get their names because they are rolled on and off the back of trucks. They have metal wheels, so you may have to take some care that the wills do not scratch or damage the surface that you place them on. In some cases, you may want to set plywood or a similar base down for the roll-offs to sit on.

These are typical roll-off dumpster sizes:

  • 10 to 15 yard: These are good for smaller construction jobs, landscaping crews, or renovations. They should be about 15 to 20 feet long, eight feet wide, and three feet tall. The open top holds about 5 to 7 pickup loads full of debris.

  • 20 yard: These are good for medium-sized construction jobs, cleaning out a home, garage, or attic, or similar projects. Figure that the capacity is similar to the load 10 pickup trucks can haul.

  • 30 yard: These are typically ordered for larger construction jobs, busy commercial areas, or large cleanouts. Figure they can carry the load of about 15 pickup trucks.

  • 40 yard: Typically, this is the largest size that you can order. They are used for new construction or very large events. Figure they can hold the amount that the beds of 20 pickup trucks could contain. They should be about 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high.

Commercial Business Dumpster Types and Sizes

These are generally rented for long-term use by businesses. Typical customers include restaurants, stores, and shopping centers. If you plan to order a long-term dumpster rental, you should consider several factors. These include recycling options, methods of reuse, the terms of the contract, and the equipment that is needed. Of course, price is an important consideration too. The space you have to store your dumpster is also a consideration.

Commercial dumpsters usually range from 2 to cubic yards of storage capacity. For example, a 2 cubic yard dumpster holds about 30 kitchen-sized garbage bags of waste. An 8 cubic yard dumpster can hold about 120 regular garbage bags full of refuse. These dumpsters are all about six feet wide. Capacity varies by height.

You may also wish to rent one of these smaller dumpsters or bin on a short-term basis. They might be used when you are cleaning out your home for a move or sale. They could also be used for apartment cleanouts.

Cheapest NJ Dumpster Rentals

How to Get Bargain Dumpster Prices

We answer NJ dumpster rental questions!

We answer NJ dumpster rental questions!

Yes, our business is all about dumpster rentals, but we also want to help our customers get the best prices and feel good about their decision to work with us. Also, we hope to work with many different types of people and businesses. Our customers include contract firms, commercial businesses, and of course, residential home owners who have never or rarely ever needed a dumpster in the past.

Hopefully, these hints can help you get the best value for your money when you rent a dumpster. We hope you will simply call us for a fair and straightforward price quotes. Before you call, be prepared to tell us about your reason for needing waste removal, and we will be able to help you more.

Getting the Best Prices for Dumpster Rentals in Your City

Don’t Forget to Ask!

Lots of different types of companies have hidden discounts and deals that are not really promoted. Sometimes the best way to get these bargains is simply to ask about them. After you call and get your quote, simply ask if the company is running any specials. All you have to do is ask if that is the best price the company can offer. It might be that renting a certain size of dumpster or even renting on a certain day of the week can uncover discounts.

You Might Need to Bargain A Bit

Don’t give up if your first question about specials or discounts doesn’t uncover any deals. If you have done any price comparisons, why not mention them to the rep on the phone? Life all businesses, this one can be very competitive, and your mention of cheaper prices found elsewhere may help. In any case, it is unlikely to hurt. Once yo mention a lower price, the rep may tell you they do honor local price matching like many other businesses do.

It might be that the cheaper prices you found were not really for the same type of dumpster rental, but the rep can help you with that too. For example, a higher price quote might be all-inclusive, and the cheaper price may not include every single charge. If your lower bid did not really include everything, the bill might actually work out more expensive after you are finished.

How to Compare Dumpster Quotes

Before you decide that one company has cheaper prices, you really need to be sure that the quote includes everything you may need. It is sad, but true, that some eager companies might not actually include every charge or free in their basic price quote. Charges for taxes, “tipping” fees, etc. can add up quickly, and you need to be sure you understand what your quote includes. If you gather as much information as you can, you are bound to save money and avoid getting tricked.

We want to give you a fair and accurate quote, so please tell us as much as you can about your own needs for waste removal. This information helps us give you the right advice about sizes and types of waste containers, and it will help you rent exactly what you need.

Tell Us What You Need to Throw Away

In some cases, very dense materials could cost more the pick up than very light materials. Think about the weight of concrete compared to cardboard. In any case, if your waste will be very heavy, let the reps know before you schedule your delivery, and this will help them suggest the right container. If you don’t, your container might be overweight, and this could generate extra charges and even extra hassles. This will help you avoid delays, additional charges, and it should make your entire dumpster rental experience a lot better! .